Soex Wolfen

The Soex plant in Wolfen, Germany, which opened for business in 1998, is the world’s most modern production facility in textile/clothing sorting and recycling...two major companies under one super-efficient roof. There, running at peak capacity, more than 600,000 pounds of clothing are processed every day by over 550 full-time employees who work around the clock in three shifts 24/7.

First, the clothing is graded and sorted by skilled workers in concert with sophisticated information technology, adhering to over 400 criteria, from fabric and clothing type to target groups and brands. The guiding principle: Sort until there’s nothing left to be sorted. Zero Waste.

The Wolfen sorting plant is so sophisticated it’s able to select ingredients—say, clothing only made from wool, cotton and acrylic. Furthermore, a special mixing unit is capable of customizing combinations—wool-and-silk blends only, for example. This kind of specificity was virtually unthinkable before Soex entered the marketplace. Goods can be sorted to meet every client’s requirements down to the most minute details, and the sheer volume of textiles/clothing that's sorted at Wolfen allows even the most complex orders to be filled precisely and promptly.

During the sorting process, some of the goods are deemed too worn to be resold. Rather than being disposed as waste, they are sent to Wolfen's computer-controlled recycling facility where they are turned into brand new marketable products (like insulation for the automobile industry). The state-of-the-art plant has even found ways to turn textile dust, which inevitably arises in the recycling process, into an unconventional alternative fuel for concrete plants.

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